What services does Tempus offer?
We start with basics, like the structured wiring and wireless networks found in nearly all homes. We're also licensed to install monitored security systems, video surveillance, and automated access control to further protect your family and property.

Are you a serious audiophile who wants to design a dedicated listening space to recreate a concert experience? Or maybe you'd just like to fill your home with music for a party? Our experts will help you create a house-wide audio system that makes your music come alive. We can also show you all the latest in video entertainment. Whether you'd like a self-contained theater, complete with themed décor, stadium seating, and specialized acoustics and lighting, or simply to enhance your family room viewing experience, Tempus experts can create it for you and make it easy to use.

Lighting and shading systems are among our most popular offerings. Control your lights and shades remotely, to make your home look lived-in while you're out. Have lights in empty rooms turn off automatically, or have the shades drop to block direct sunlight. The energy-saving possibilities are limitless.

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Tempus Residential Applications

List of residential products and services we offer:

  • Two-channel and multi-room audio
  • Distributed video systems
  • Full-featured home automation
  • Custom home theaters
  • Automated lighting systems
  • Security systems and monitoring
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Window shade treatments
  • Structured wiring and wireless
  • Home communications – voice and data services
  • Customizable, interactive sales process
  • Comprehensive project management services
  • Highly trained deployment teams
List of common brands we install and work with:


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